Who we are
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Hi, I'm Mary-Louise.

I started my career at one of the top-level accounting practices and have since worked in both professional practices and the commercial sector. 


Working with small businesses which are the backbone of our economy, I've seen the highs and lows of entrepreneurship and the changes over time. Having worked as a financial controller, I have seen the running of the business from the inside, so have had first-hand experience with the struggles and triumphs businesses go through.

All of this has given me breadth and depth of knowledge and experience, vital aspects in advising and supporting business owners in navigating the waters of entrepreneurship.

Combining my accounting experience with empathy, reliability, and trust gives a balance not only to me as an accountant but also sets the basis for the values in a desired accounting practice.

So who am I when I step away from my desk? I am a partner, mother, and grandmother. I am a lover of puzzles, candle-making, and gardening and (thanks to my young granddaughters) a learner of Roblox.